Our shooting

We offer the following shooting “disciplines”

10m pistol

10m pistol shooting

10m Air Rifle and Pistol (Fri)

Standing, using single shot equipment, either spring powered or more often, powered by compressed air, with open sights (as opposed to telescopic or other optical).

10m air rifle

10m air rifle shooter in competition







25yd .22 Rimfire (Small-bore) Rifle  (Mon & alt Wed)

prone rifle

Prone using single shot rifle, a sling, and open sights.



20yd 0.177 Air Pistol and 0.22 Rimfire, “longarm” Pistol (Tue)

50m pistol 037

Long arm (Free pistol)

Standing, single-handed, unsupported, using single-shot equipment with open sights.

Please note that the club cannot hold .22 rimfire “long-arm” pistols.  



20yd Rifle: 0.177 or 0.22 Air or 0.22 Rimfire (Tue)

Any sights, single or multi shot.

Sport rifle

Sport rifle shooter in club field day at Wolverhampton

Sport Rifle: Standing, unsupported


2010 alex at position at sutton shooting club 004

Benchrest rifle shooting, here at 10m

Benchrest: Seated and supported.